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Tips on how to get a good deal on a Used Car in Jamaica

3 Tips on how to get a good deal on a Used Car in Jamaica

Using the below tips can save you time and money and help you get the right car for you.

1. Research

  1. Determine what car you want to buy and what price range it sells for
  2. Get feedback from owners of similar cars
  3. Find out if parts are readily available for the car, this is important as it could affect your insurance cost

Man shopping for car and taking pic next to a car

2. Narrow down the Car and Seller

  1. This can be done by visiting a few car dealers to get a feel for the cost and condition of the car you are interested. Never buy without looking around and comparing.
  2. Visit a few online classifieds car sites, many times the best deals are online.

A  few used car dealers

Auto Channel 27 Eastwood Park. Kingston 876-634-9245
Wheels and wheels Auto Imports 18 Dunrobin Avenue. Kingston 10 876-969-3882
Superlative Auto  8C Cookson Portmore Pines, St. Catherin 876-740-4860

Online Classified Car sites


3. Negotiate and Buy

  1. The cheapest car is not always best
    1. Consider features ( Only ones you need )
    2. Car condition
    3. Car history ( If available e.g. Is it recently imported, Service record, inspection report)
  2. If you are not in rush you can save by asking a dealer to import a  car for you. This typically takes 1 – 2 months.
  3.  Sign up for email / Whatsapp updates from sellers, this way you will get regular updates and be able to find the car that is right for you.

Updates Via WhatsApp & email

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