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How to save money on fuel in Jamaica by driving an Electric Vehicle (EV)

How I save money on fuel (Gas) in Jamaica by driving an electric vehicle (EV)

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How much can you save by using an electric vehicle in Jamaica?

Despite the high cost of electricity in Jamaica, you can save money by driving an electric car.

You can save anywhere between 40% – 50% on fuel and 40% – 60% when you take into account maintenance costs.

EVs need very little maintenance, no oil change, spark plugs, air filter. The main thing that needs to be checked is the brakes and these last long due to the car using regenerative braking.

How much do I save monthly on fuel?

I saved 50% on my first full month of use and I continuously save between 40% -50% month to month. Please watch the above video for details.

Cost to replace EV battery

It is true that it is costly to replace the EV battery but the savings outweigh the cost. In addition, your old battery is very valuable as it can be used for solar storage.

We at FimiPro simplify this process for customers by locating high quality used battery packs,  swapping them out, reprogramming the car and selling your old pack.  This results in customers saving time and money.