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Questions to ask a Jamaican car seller

3 essential questions to ask a Jamaican car seller

before making a purchase

Have any repairs been done to the car since acquiring it?

  1. This will give an idea about the general condition of the car
  2. It will help you determine if the seller is being open and honest, as these can be verified in some cases.

Jamaican couple shaking man arm after buying car

Do you offer a warranty and if so what’s the period?

License used car dealers are required by law to offer 3 – 12 months warranty, this does not apply to individuals.

  • Class B Warranty: Six (6) months or seven thousand five hundred kilometers/four thousand six hundred and sixty miles (7,500 KM/4,660miles) whichever is attained first.

Applicable to vehicles manufactured more than four (4) years but fewer than seven (7) years before the sale date, with an odometer reading of less than one hundred and six thousand km/sixty five thousand eight hundred and sixty seven miles (106,000km/65,867miles).

  • Class A Warranty: Twelve (12) Months or eighteen thousand km/eleven thousand one hundred and eighty-five miles .  

Applicable to vehicles manufactured fewer than four (4) years before the sale date with an odometer reading of less than fifty three thousand kilometers/thirty two thousand nine hundred and thirty four miles (53,000 km/32,934 miles).

  • Class C Warranty: Three (3) Months or four thousand five hundred kilometers/two thousand seven hundred and ninety six miles (4, 5 00 KM/2,796 miles) whichever is attained first.

Applicable to commercial vehicles manufactured more than six (6) years but fewer than eleven (11) years before the sale date with an odometer reading less than one hundred and seventy eight thousand kilometers/one hundred and ten thousand six hundred and seven miles (178,000 km/110,607 miles)

Will the car be serviced before it is sold?

This is important as it will result in better performance and contribute to the longevity of the vehicle.

If yes, have them specify what will be done and pass the information to your mechanic/service centre

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