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Looking to buy a car / vehicle in Jamaica?

If you would like help with finding the best type of car for you, please watch this video or read the below article.

Looking to buy a car/vehicle in Jamaica?

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle in Jamaica there are now several options as it relates to the type. i.e., gas, diesel, hybrid, electric

Below we give you some details as it relates to the advantages and disadvantages of each, this will help you decide which is best for you.

Now some people may be better off not purchasing a car and be better off taking Taxis and other forms of public transport. So, we are going to include this as an option.

Taxi, buses, and other forms of public transportation

While public transportation like buses may not be great in Jamaica, they could be the best options for persons who don’t travel frequently and or during peak hours. Retired individuals or persons that work from home can benefit from this method of transport.


  1. No need to incur expensive monthly and yearly expenses like Insurance, registration, fitness, maintenance, gas, etc.
  2. Convenient if you don’t like driving or if you find driving on Jamaica roads stressful or intimidating.


  1. Not economical and practical for persons that live out of town or in remote areas.
  2. Not convenient when you travel frequently in peak hours.

Regular fuel cars – Gas / Diesel

Fuel cars are widely available and can be found island-wide from new and used car dealers or persons reselling their used cars. They are many options to choose from, this include but not limited to, manufactures, colours, price range etc…

One of the main advantages is that they are very common in Jamaica as the country has been importing them for many years, also they can be easily serviced by your average garage man or auto repair shop.


  1. A wide choice to choose from; island-wide service/maintenance.
  2. Easy to refuel island-wide due to a large number of gas stations available all over the island.


  1. Expensive to maintain has to be service frequently.
  2. The high cost of fuel when compared to Hybrid vehicles or purchasing electric for an electric car (Even in Jamaica when purchasing light from JPS)
  3. The overall maintenance cost is higher when compared with hybrids and EVs.
  4. Bad for the environment as they emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.

Hybrid cars/vehicles

There are a lot of hybrid cars on the road in Jamaica, and their main advantage is to save money on gas. They do so because they have two engines, a gas and electric. For the most part, they save money by using the electric motor to power the engine and this is powered by batteries that are charged when the car brakes. Hybrid cars use both gas and or electric motors to drive.

The main concern in the Jamaican market is to replace the hybrid batteries, which need to be done every 6 – 15 years; this is dependent on the brand and model of the car, the mileage, and the conditions of which the car is driven in. However, you now have garage men or auto repair shops in Jamaica that specialize in maintenance and rearing hybrid cars.


  1. Save money on gas
  2. Good for the environment as it burns less gas and emits fewer toxic fumes when compared to gas and fuel vehicles.
  3. Used vehicles cost less to purchase and maintain than regular ones.


  1. New vehicles cost more than their regular ones.
  2. When the hybrid battery goes bad it requires some money to replace them. However, you can now get new and used hybrid battery packs in Jamaica for a reasonable price. Both come with a warranty.

Electric cars / Electric Vehicles (EV)

Electric cars are gaining popularity all over the world including Jamaica. The main reason for this it is more economical to run than fuel cars, even in Jamaica with the belief that we have very high energy rates. Also, because they are better for the environment than fuel and diesel cars as the emit no toxic fumes while driving.

What is a fact is, you can save at least 40 – 60% on fuel and maintenance by driving an electric car in Jamaica.

Electric cars as the name suggest run off electricity and can be easily be charged at your home and business place. Also, if you have a solar system it can be used to charge the car, this makes it almost free to recharge the car.


  1. It’s more economical to drive than fuel and diesel cars as you save a significant amount on gas and servicing. Electric cars have few moving parts so they don’t require regular servicing like normal gas and diesel cars.
  2. They are great for the environment as they emit no toxic fumes when driving.


  1. When going on long trips you may require to recharge the car on the road. Jamaica does not have that many public charging stations, however, JPS is rolling out some all over the island. When the rollout is complete you should be able to drive island-wide with most electric vehicles.
  2. The battery needs to be replaced every 10 – 15 years, however, the saving from gas and maintenance normally out-weighs this cost by far. EV battery replacements are done in Jamaica by FimiPro Ltd.

This is a brief summary of the different types of cars/transports now available in Jamaica, this can help you decided which is best for you.