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Everything you need to know about purchasing a used Nissan Leaf (EV) in Jamaica

This video will let you know everything you need to know about purchasing and maintain a Nissan Leaf in Jamaica. Also below is additional information including actual examples about cost and savings.

If you like to speak with someone directly to get additional information and/or advice about purchasing and maintaining electric vehicles (EVs) in Jamaica, feel free to contact us via the number listed below

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Basic information you first need to know about purchasing a Nissan Leaf or any other electric vehicle in Jamaica.

  1. Electric vehicles cost less to run even with the high cost of electricity in Jamaica and the general belief that the sole eclectic supplier is a thief.
  2. They require little or no maintenance with the exception of when the battery goes bad, and we at FimiPro rebuild them and sell quality used packs.

Why would anyone buy a used electric vehicle in Jamaica?

  1. They are incredibly cheap to own and maintain. They cost much cheaper than gas cars to drive and require little or no maintenance, this means no frequent servicing of your car. Forget about frequent oil changes, air filters, etc…
  2. You get them at bargain/value for money when purchased used vs buying a new one.
  3. They are the best type of vehicle for driving around town due to the gas savings achieved from regenerating braking when driving in traffic.

Example 1. How much you can save with Nissan Leaf EV vs Nissan Note (Gas car) in Jamaica.

The cars used in this example are the Nissan Leaf 24 kWh 2015 model and the Nissan note 2015 model.

Fuel consumption

Nissan Leaf – 110 kWh /100 km

Nissan Note – 10 Liter  / 100 km

Cost and savings

Gas $135 per Liter

Residential electricity JMD $35 kWh

Using a round trip from Portmore to Kingston for the example, this is 28 Km, say you do this 6 days a week for 4 weeks for the month. The total distance for the month is 672 Km, we use 700 for the example as you will more like to drive much more due to weekend trips and / lunch runs.

The fuel cost for these trips would be:

Nissan Leaf $3,920

Nissan Note $9,450

Savings: $5,530

Drivers can save between 40% -60%  on fuel in Jamaica by using an elective vehicle. Source

What does it mean in layman’s terms for driving an electric vehicle in Jamaica?

It will facilitate all-day driving for most persons, that is about 6 round trips to Portmore.  This is with the base model, other models can give you much more trips and mileage / Km.

Charging is as easy as charging your cell phone, just plug it in a socket at home or your business. The car will fully charge in 4 – 8 hours. 220 outlets do it in 4 hours and 110 in 8. Charging can be done daily or when required.

Different models of Nissan Leafs available to the Jamaican market

2015 model – 24 & 30 kWh battery pack

2016 model –  SL and SV models 30 kWh battery pack and others 24 kWh

2017 model –

Please contact us at FimiPro for the price and details of purchasing one in Jamaica.

How to determine the value of electric vehicles

Unlike regular vehicles where mileage / Kms is a good gauge of value and reliability, EVs the state of the battery is more important. The main reason the only part of an electric vehicle that is like to give a significant problem is the battery. For Nissan Leaf’s it is easy to identify how good the battery is. There is a state of health (SOH) bar on the display.

The SOH starts with 12 bars, this is when the vehicle / battery is brand new. When buying a used one it is good to aim for one with 11 – 10 bars

We at FimiPro have experience with replacing and rebuilding hybrid batteries and we are now using this along with our links / synergies to do the same for electric vehicles in Jamaica. This will make battery replacement easier and more economical.

Tips on Purchasing a used Nissan Leaf in Jamaica

Charging an EV in Jamaica is easy and convenient

Most persons in Jamaica can/will charge their EV at home or business, using their regular electrical outlets. There are two options 110v and 220V; using the 110 will charge most cars within 8 hours and the latter in 4.

Public charging stations

JPS first charging station was launched May 7, 2021, In Drax Hall St Ann at Boots Gas Station. This charging station supports rapid charging that allows most vehicles to be charged to 80% within 20 minutes.

It has specifications to cater to three different vehicle requirements.

By year-end JPS plans to have five more charging stations; Kingston, Montego Bay, and other Urban centers

Evergo Jamaica plans to have 60 charging station in Jamaica by the end of 2021, their first charging station was launched at LFA Country Store, Richmond Estates in May 2021

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