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Purchasing a used hybrid in Jamaica can save you money

For information on purchasing a Hybrid / EV car in  Jamaica please watch the video below.

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It is best to buy a used hybrid car

Used hybrid cars are cheaper than the regular version, however, new ones are not. So you will save from the day of purchase.

The main advantage of purchasing a hybrid

The main advantage of purchasing a hybrid is to save money on gas.

Do we need to be concern about hybrid batteries?

People may say not to buy a hybrid because the batteries may/will give you problems. This is true and not true.

The savings you get from gas normally significantly exceed the cost of repairing or replacing a hybrid. Now Jamaica has a hybrid specialist, FimiPro Limited so you can get your hybrid batteries rebuilt, we also sell brand new batteries.

The cost of repairing a hybrid has come down.

The main issue hybrids have is replacing the hybrid batteries and the cost has come down. It normally costs less to replace them than replacing a pair of shocks.

Mileage / Km for Toyota Axio Hybrid vs the regular version

Disclaimer these stats may not be possible in everyday regular use. They were presented by the car company or official car websites that normally do testing under optimum conditions.

Regular Toyota Axio – 16.4km/Liter to 20.6km/Liter

Hybrid Axio – 33.8 km/Liter